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Eyelid aesthetic

Op. Dr. İsmail DENİZ

Eyelid aesthetic

Excess muscle and skin tissue on the lower and upper eyelids is removed. The parts around the eyes that support these tissues are tightened.
With this surgical application;

  • drooping upper and lower eyelids,
  • Bags due to excess fat collection,
  • By correcting the wrinkles around the eyes, the person’s elderly,
  • Tired appearance

transformed into a more youthful and dynamic look.

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When is Eyelid Surgery Applied?

These surgeries are generally needed after the age of 35. Surgical risks are low and aesthetic surgery results are satisfactory. Some people have irritating bags on their eyelids due to hereditary reasons. In such cases, this procedure can also be applied at a younger age.

Op. Dr. İsmail DENİZ believes that each patient is unique and tailors each person’s treatment to the individual.

What is the Price of Eyelid Aesthetics?

Our examinations and preliminary interviews are free of charge. If you are considering Eyelid Aesthetics, please contact us immediately.
During the Inspection;

  1. First, we look at it endoscopically.
  2. Afterwards, we perform photo shoots in a professional environment. We are talking by analyzing the nose and face.
  3. We inform the price information at the end of this process.
  4. We create a personalized surgery process for magnificent aesthetic surgery results