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Prominent Ear Surgery

Op. Dr. İsmail DENİZ

Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery ears;

  • its shape,
  • Your position,
  • Resize

It is an ear shaping operation applied for
It is called 'otoplasty' in medical language.

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When Is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

It can be done at any age after the ears have reached their full size (usually after the age of 5). In some cases, surgery is done as early as age 3 years.

Op. Dr. İsmail DENİZ believes that each patient is unique and tailors each person’s treatment to the individual.

Prominent Ear Surgery Process

The operations are performed behind the ear. The operation takes an average of 1-1.5 hours.

  • General anesthesia in children,
  • In adults, local or general anesthesia

surgery is performed.
Patients are sent home safely 4-5 hours after the surgery.

What is the price of prominent ear surgery?

Our examinations and preliminary interviews are free of charge. If you are considering Prominent Ear Aesthetic surgery, please contact us immediately.
During the Inspection;

  1. First, we look at it endoscopically.
  2. Afterwards, we perform photo shoots in a professional environment. We are talking by analyzing the nose and face.
  3. We inform the price information at the end of this process.
  4. We create a personalized surgery process for magnificent aesthetic surgery results