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Revision Nose Aesthetics

What is Revision Nose Aesthetics?

In previous rhinoplasty surgeries

  • Unwanted ,
  • unpredictable

results need to be resolved. After these problems, two or more surgical interventions are required. These procedures are called revision rhinoplasty.

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Situations Where Revision Nose Aesthetic Surgery is Needed

  • Bending of the nose that may occur after aesthetic nose surgeries,
  • Asymmetry,
  • Sagging of the tip of the nose,
  • The nose-lip angle is more than desired,
  • Nasal dorsum collapse (saddle nose deformity),
  • Extremely short or long nose tip,
  • Visual problems such as not correcting the bridge of the nose,
  • They are functional problems such as nasal congestion.

When Should Revision Surgery Be Performed?

Except for exceptional cases, it is recommended to pass an average of 6-24 months after the previous surgery. But in some cases;

  • Not likely to improve over time,
  • At the same time, in major problems that negatively affect the patient’s nasal breathing,
  • Asymmetry and deformities caused by blows to the nose after surgery

It is preferred to perform the second surgery without waiting for the healing process.

Op. Dr. İsmail DENİZ  believes that every patient is unique and tailor their treatment to each person.
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What is the Price of Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Our examinations and preliminary interviews are free of charge. If you are considering Rhinoplasty, please contact us immediately.
During the Inspection;

  • First, we look at it endoscopically.
  • Afterwards, we perform photo shoots in a professional environment. We are talking by analyzing the nose and face.
  • At the end of this process, we inform the price of Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty).
  • We create a personalized surgery process for magnificent plastic surgery results

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