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Every patient is unique and each person's treatment is tailored to the individual.

The organ that makes the most important contribution to the expression and beauty of our face is our nose. Deformities and respiratory problems that occur due to genetic reasons or subsequent traumas are solved by rhinoplasty surgery.

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It is necessary to eliminate undesirable, unpredictable results in previous rhinoplasty surgeries. After these problems, two or more surgical interventions are required. These procedures are called revision rhinoplasty.

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She had rhinoplasty surgery. If you have had undesirable or unpredictable results after this surgical procedure. Two or more surgical procedures performed to correct this condition are called.

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Concha are anatomical formations present on both lateral walls of the entrance part of both nostrils. The surgical method applied for these anatomical formations is called turbinate surgery.

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Prominent ear surgery ears; It is an ear shaping operation applied to change its shape, position and size. It is called ‘otoplasty’ in medical language.

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Excess muscle and skin tissue on the lower and upper eyelids is removed. The parts around the eyes that support these tissues are tightened.

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We perform our surgeries in full-fledged hospitals.

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We use the latest technological equipment in our surgeries and examinations.

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We believe that each patient is unique and we prepare personalized treatment services.


He participated in the operations of the country’s important surgeons in this field. He developed himself in the field of rhinoplasty, which he has a special interest in.


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